Acknowledging DDS Samples

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Acknowledging DDS Samples


I found the documentation on setting the QoS as shown below,  I can;t seem to figure out what my xml file should look like to set 'max_app_ack_response_length'

These operations can only be used when the DataReader’sRELIABILITY QosPolicy has an acknowledgment_kind set to DDS_APPLICATION_EXPLICIT_ACKNOWLEDGMENT_MODE. You must also set max_app_ack_response_length (in the DATA_READER_RESOURCE_LIMITS QosPolicy (DDS Extension)) to a value greater than zero.

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The max_app_ack_response_length is part of the data reader reader_resource_limits.  You can set it like this:


(Note I used RTI's System Designer to generate this xml code).

You can also look at the file $NDDSHOME/resource/xml/BuiltinProfiles.documentationONLY.xml to see how RTI sets that field in it's built-in profiles.