Unreal5 Issue-Cannot create the participant

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Unreal5 Issue-Cannot create the participant

Hello all,

I'm using Unreal5.3 with Simplified Real Time Data Sharing Plugin in the marketplace, I followed the guided tutorial and everything goes fine until I hit the play button at the end.

Error message shows as following:

RTIConnextLog: Error: [URTIConnext::create_participant] EXCEPTION in the creation of the participant. ERROR: Unknown exception
RTIConnextLog: Error: [URTIConnext::init_datawriter] Cannot create the participant with name: ParticipantLibrary::DomainParticipant

The RTI Connext version I Installed is 7.2.0 with 30-day trial license, and Python 3.11.

I'm pretty sure I have properlly set License Information in RTI Launcher Configuration as well as NDDSHOME, RTI_LICENSE_FILE 

Any help will be useful

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Hi yuantianyi1994,

To be sure that the license is not the problem, because the plugin ersion uses its own libraries, can you copy the license file to C:/ProgramFiles/EpicGames/Unreal_(version)/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/ConnextPlugin/Source/ThirdParty/rti_connext_(version)/ 

I have to ask you if you have created an xml and the entities are correctly named in the blueprint (Create RTIConnext DataWriter) the name of the participant (including the library name) and the name of the datawriter (including the publisher name).

Let me know if you have any problems.