Cannot create more than 4 Domain Participants

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Cannot create more than 4 Domain Participants



I am using the call create_participant_with_profile to create domain participants but after creating 4, I get an error when attempting to create a 5th.  Is there a configuration value in NDDS_QOS_PROFILES that controls max domain participants? 


I can change the code around and it is always the 5th participant creation that fails.








To Add a little more detail....


I tried solutions in this order:


1.       Created an environment variable  NDDS_DISCOVERY_PEERS  with the value 8@localhost.  I also tried the same thing replacing localhost with the actual name of my machine, but this didn’t help.

2.       I tried adding 8@loaclhost to the discovery peers section in NDDS_QOS_PROFILES.xml ( not sure if this format is valid or not) but again I got the RETCODE_ERR when creating the 5th Domain Participant.

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Hi Mike,


Do you get any error messages when the participant creation fails with RETCODE_ERROR? What RTI DDS version and language are you using?


If you get something like this:


[D0056|CREATE Participant|D0056|ENABLE]COMMENDBeWriterService_new:!create worker-specific object

[D0056|CREATE Participant|D0056|ENABLE]PRESPsService_enable:!create bew (best effort writer)

[D0056|CREATE Participant|D0056|ENABLE]DDS_DomainParticipantService_enable:!enable publish/subscribe service

[D0056|CREATE Participant|D0056|ENABLE]DDS_DomainParticipant_enableI:!enable service

[D0056|CREATE Participant]DDS_DomainParticipantFactory_create_participant:ERROR: Failed to auto-enable entity


You will have to increase max_objects_per_thread under DDS_DomainParticipantFactoryQos.resource_limits.max_objects_per_thread. 


If you do not get any error messages, can you try to increase the DDS verbosity level to warnings?


In C++, you can do that with the following code:





Also, can you post the QoS profile changes that you made?


- Fernando

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Thank you for your help Fernando,


The problem was the need to increase the max_objects_per_thread.