DDS Interoperability demonstrated between 7 vendors

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DDS Interoperability demonstrated between 7 vendors


The OMG meeting held in Washinton DC on March 2012 featured a comprehensive multi-vendor DDS Interoperability demonstration.

This time there were six vendors that participated:  RTI, TwinOaks, PrimsTech, OCI, ETRI, and IBM.  Another vendor, Gallium Visual Systems, who had participated in previous interoperability demontrations was unable to attend.


The demo lasted one hour, featuring 12 live applications (two per vendor) exchanging data in real-time under various scenations including, reliability, durability, time and content filtering, failover, etc. It was a pretty elaborate setup involving 10 computers, 4 projectors, and 7 people.  


For more information on the demo scenarions and even pictures of the demo you can download the presentation I gave during the demo at You may also read the press release from the OMG here