listener dont run on_data_available()

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listener dont run on_data_available()


I am trying to listen all topics of an domain (like rtiddsspy ). first I am getting topic names and types (publicationDataListener )with an DDS:DataReaderListener. Then for each topic  try to listen(publishedDatalistener) what data publishing. here is the problem, my publishedDataListener attached an datareader but it is never run the on_data_available() funcition. İf I try to get take() from datareader , I can reach data. however i need to get this when data comes (I mean on listener ).


Do you have an idea what is my app's problem. waiting for your help.



Note: Using RTI DDS .net API




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I do not fully understand what you mean by the (publishedDatalistener)... Are you installing a listener on the DataReader (a DataReaderListener) or on the Subscriber (SubscriberListener)?  Specifically what values are you passing for the 'DDSDataReaderListener' and 'DDS_StatusMask' parameters on the create_datareader() call?

Similarly what values are you passing for the 'DDSSubscriberListener' and 'DDS_StatusMask' on the create_subscriber() call.