Piggyback Heartbeat Period

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Piggyback Heartbeat Period



I would like to know the default piggyback heartbeat period, however I can not estimate the period because max_samples is UNLIMITED, min_send_window_size, and max_send_window_size are UNLIMITED according to the API reference default values.

Does the DDS middleware dynamically determine effective value by resource limits settings, the number of outstanding samples and so on?


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If max_samples is UNLIMITED, then it is assumed to take the value of 100 million for the purposes of computing when to place a piggiback Heartbeat. In otherwords if you want a piggyback heartbeat each 100 samples you would need to set DDS_RtpsReliableWriterProtocol_t::heartbeats_per_max_samples to 1000000 (one million).


In addition to the above, the protocol will also ensure that at least one hearbeat is sent each send_window_size. But as both DDS_RtpsReliableWriterProtocol_t::min_send_window_size and DDS_RtpsReliableWriterProtocol_t::max_send_window_size situation are UNLIMITED in the default configuration then this additional check has no effect.


You might want to think about setting the min_send_window_size and max_send_window_size these are parameters that should be set in most situations in which you are writing data at reasonable rates. Otherwise there is effectively no way to throttle a writer that goes faster than the readers can accomodate.


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