Use RTI free-of-charge for IRAD, Research, and University

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Use RTI free-of-charge for IRAD, Research, and University

Would you like to use the RTI Technology for a Research or IRAD Project?  Join the RTI Research and Academic community!

As a member of the RTI R&A Community you can access the RTI Data Distribution Service Professional Edition free of charge!

  • This package includes all you need to build robust, highly-scalable, high-performace distributed applications. Some highlights: Full RTI Data Distribution Service SDK and libraries. You get not just the OMG DDS minimal profile, but also the Persistence, Ownership, and Content Filter profiles.
  • RTI Spreadsheet Addin for Excel. See your data live in Microsoft Excel! Use Excel to publish data to DDS!
  • RTI Recording service. Record your DDS data and export it to a variety of formats.
  • RTI Database Integration Service. Easily store your live DDS data ina Database, access it using ODBC, monitor ands publish any Database changes as DDS data.
  • RTI Routing Service. Scale DDS networks to tens of thousands of nodes go over the WAN, cross firewalls and NATs, dediate data-types, integrate other protocols and technologies.
  • RTI Monitoring Tool. Graphically monitor the state and health of your distributed system!
  • RTI Analyzer Tool. Understand the Topology or your DDS applications, detect mis-configurations.
  • Dozens of other utilities: rtiddsping, rtiddsspy, rtiddsgen, rtiperftest, examples, etc.