Authentication Issue Connext Secure

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Authentication Issue Connext Secure

I am trying to use Connext Secure and openssl-1.0.1l on Windows 7 to authenticate the participants on my network and encrypt the network data.  
During discovery, I am obtaining messages that state a problem with the authentication of an application:  "Authentication:unauthenticated remote participant denied". In more detail, the messages I obtain from a debug console are as follows:

DDS_DomainParticipantFactory_initializeI:Welcome to NDDS nddscore1.7a.rev5-nddsc1.7b.rev5-nddscpp1.7b.rev5-nddsdotnet1.7b.rev5
Authentication:unauthenticated remote participant denied
DISCParticipantDiscoveryPlugin_assertRemoteParticipant:!assert remote participant: 0XC0A80CCA,0X2754,0X1,0X1C1
DISCSimpleParticipantDiscoveryPluginReaderListener_onDataAvailable:!assert remote participant

I have a couple of questions:

1) Is there a way how to obtain more debugging information? I tried the AdminConsole log files which do not seem to contain any information regarding the authentication.

2) Is there a list of recommended OpenSSL version to be used with Connext Secure

Thank you,

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Hi Michael,

1. See Table 7.2 in the RTI_CoreLibrariesAndUtilities_GettingStarted_SecurityAddendum.pdf for a list of log messages and their meanings. "unauthenticated remote participant denied" is the second row. 0XC0A80CCA,0X2754,0X1,0X1C1 is the GUID of the remote participant. 0XC0A80CCA is likely the IP address (, 0x2754 is likely the process ID, and 0x1 is the participant ID. So the first created participant on that process is not using security at all.

2. OpenSSL 1.0.1l is fine.