Can only get comms in one direction.

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Can only get comms in one direction.

Hello, I have a problem here, that we can't figure out. Trying to connect 2 systems with RTI DDS. Messages in the one direction are matched, but in the other direction I get error "Requested/Offered QoS", QoS is setup using the same file, but  different code. And don't see anything with rtiadmin.  Any ideas on what to check?

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Well, something is your QOS configuration is incorrect, resulting in the "Request/Offered QoS" error.  If you increase the Connext verbosity to WARNING level, you should get a direct message of which QOS is the problem.

Alternatively, RTI Admin Console has a view called "Match Analysis" which will also show you exactly what the QOS is misconfigured.  This assume that RTI Admin Console can see both applications.