Can't create participant with 6.1

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Can't create participant with 6.1


I am migrating from version 5.3 (.NET Framwork) to (Rti.ConnextDds Nuget package) but I can't even get a participant created.

Here is the code.

var qosProvider = new QosProvider(./Qos/MyQos.xml);

var participantQos = qosProvider.GetDomainParticipantQos("MyLibrary::MyParticipant");

var participant = DomainParticipantFactory.Instance.CreateParticipant(1, particpantQos);

The CreateParticipant threw an exception in native code. The exception did not give much information.

The MyQos.xml doesn't have much in it. I just copied from the example code. I think the domain pariticpant Qos was loaded correctly.

Besides the Rti.ConnextDds nuget package, are there anything else I need? I see the runtimes folder in the output folder and the Rti.ConnextDds.dll





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Hi Gary,

If you're getting the NuGet packages from, you need a license file. The license error is only printed on the console; unfortunatelly is not part of the exception message.

There's more info in the getting started guide:

If you have installed RTI Connext DDS and prefer to use the installed NuGet packages (instead of make sure to set up the nuget source. rtiddsgen generates a NuGet.Config file that does it automatically. You can configure it manually as well. 

More info: 

Running rtiddsgen:

Configuring a nuget source:


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Thank you Alex. That was it.