Connext Latency test on Xbee Pro S2

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Connext Latency test on Xbee Pro S2

Hello everyone,

I have two laptops connected through Xbee Pro S2 RF modules. I want to run Latency test (provided with RTI connext) on this channel. Now, the test uses UDP transport and requires IP address (through -nic command line option) to select the network interface of both Publisher and Subsciber for data transfer. Xbee uses USB port to connect to the computer. How can I enable latency publisher and subscriber to send/receive the data to/from USB port?

I am thinking about using Xbee Ethernet Shield with Xbee RF module. It will enable me to connect my laptop with Xbee module using standard RJ45 connector. But I am not sure if it will work so I am a bit hesitent to purchase the shield. Can anyone kindly comment on the viability of my solution or have any better solution? I have little time and a lot of work is to be done.

Advance gratitudes for any help.