Console Appears After Creating DDSDomainParticipant

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Console Appears After Creating DDSDomainParticipant


After creating a DDSDomainParticipant*, we have an unwanted console window showing up. 

It appears after participantReader is set here.

DDSDomainParticipant* participantReader = DDSTheParticipantFactory->
create_participant_from_config (
"MyParticipantLibrary::SubscriptionParticipant" );

We've tried setting the logger verbosity to silent but no luck.

NDDSConfigLogger::get_instance()->set_verbosity ( NDDS_Config_LogVerbosity::NDDS_CONFIG_LOG_VERBOSITY_SILENT );

Is there a way to disable it?


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Hi Mark,

Are you using the Research or Eval version? If so, that's expected. If you look at the message, it's a reminder that you cannot use it in production. Once you move to the production-version libraries, that message will not be shown and the unwanted console window will be gone.

In the meanwhile, if this prevents you from successfully using RTI Connext in your project, please contact your Account Team. There are some options here, but they require internal management approval :)

Best regards,