convertToXml doesn't convert included IDL files

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convertToXml doesn't convert included IDL files

I am using rtiddsgen  -convertToXml option to convert IDL files to XML.  If the IDL file has #include statements to include other IDL files, rtiddsgen does not convert those IDL files to XML.  Is there a option to either include IDL into the parent IDL files prior to conversion or to convert each included IDL file?




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I am speaking from memory but I think there is currently no way to have rtiddsgen automatically parse the include statements and convert those IDL files as well.  The problem with doing this is that when using rtiddsgen to generate C/C++ code it would be easy to end up with duplicated C/C++ symbols and  files which would cause link errors.

The model is that you need to run rtiddsgen separately on each IDL file to conver it and then use the resuting files.

We are working on a new version of rtiddsgen so I would be very interested in understanding your use-case better, specially if the approach of running rtiddsgen separately on each IDL file is not suitable for you. That way we could identify what additional features we may need to add to help use-cases like yours. Would you mind posting these additional details to the thread?