DDS internal threads

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DDS internal threads

Hi all,

Recently I downloaded and installed the evaluation version of Connext 5.2.3.

When running the basic hello_simple example, I have found, that both HelloSubscriber and HelloPublisher processes create 8 (eight) threads each.

In the documentation I have found (so far) only reference to some 'internal midleware threads' that are spawned by DDS-able application. Documentation mentions, that one of the threads is responsible for flowing datagrams onto the network, another is responsible for processing incoming data.

Could anyone please formally specify roles of those 'internal midleware threads' or point me to appropriate chapter in documentation ?

Thanks in advance for your time and cooperation.

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Hi Maxim,

You can find more details regarding threads in the threading section of the User's Manual.

By default, per DomainParticipant, we create 1 event tread, 1 database thread, and up to 5 receive threads (if UPD and SharedMemory are enabled, and if multicast is not disabled). Plus your main thread. That would explain your 8 threads :)