DDS Micro Features

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DDS Micro Features

Hello everyone,

I would be interested to learn more about the ability to configure the features of DDS Micro through build options. Can someone provide an overview on the minimum features required to run DDS Micro (=the features that cannot be disabled) and which additional features can be configured using build options? 

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hi Julius,

Can I ask you why do you need to reduce the Micro features? Are you using a memory-constraint device?

In general, Micro is designed in a modular way so you can pick which pieces you need in your system and only build and deploy those. You can see more details in this datasheet.

If we take a look at the image in that document we can see plugin modules and compile-time options:


Micro Modular Design

So to give you a more accurate answer, we would need to understand your use case. But let me introduce some ideas. For instance, if you are not going to need Durability&History, that module could be opt-out. And, of course, only compile those platform-dependant modules you need (OS, transport, etc).

Please feel free to reach me at sara (at) rti (dot) com if you want us to setup a call to review your use case and how Micro can be configured to achieve your requirements.

All the best,