Devices having only serial port

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Devices having only serial port


I'm new to the DDS technology and wondering how I can publish data generated from a devices that have only RS232 over different locations and feed them to several dashboards to visualize their status.

The various locations are equiped with LAN and connected throgh a WAN.

Can I use RS232 to LAN to push the data to the network and then capture the data in a single point on the network, such as a middlewere, to translate into DDS and publish, or I need to equipe each device with a local RS232 to DDS?

Hope my questions makes any sence.




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Yes, you can use the RS232 to LAN to push the date somewhere else over the network. Then have an application that reads the data from the LAN and publishes it over DDS.


Regarding the application that reads data from the LAN (RS232 to LAN) and publishis it to DDS.  You could write this directly as a DDS application or alternatovely you could write it using the RTI Routing Service.

The RTI Routing Service is an appliation that was built to brige data from different protocols or different DDS domains. It has a Routing Service Adaptor SDK that allows you to buuld adaptors to other protocols (e.g. your RS232 to LAN protocol). 


In general I would recommend using the routing servie for this kind of bridging as it simplifies the code you need to write and gives you a lot of added benefits and capabilities.