different way to create default datawriter qos?

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different way to create default datawriter qos?

I tried two ways to create default datawriter qos:

1.  dds::core::QosProvider::Default().datawriter_qos().  For this one, it looks like qos is created from default profile from xml if qos xml is given, such as xml specified in "NDDS_QOS_PROFILES"
2. dds::pub::qos::DataWriterQos().  it looks this one will create a default qos and it's not from any qos profile?
I am not sure if my understanding is right or not, could you help with this? thanks
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That's correct.

Option 1 obtains the configured default. That is, the default QoS profile configured by the user. It is loaded according to the rules defined here in the User's manual.

Option 2 obtains the documented default. This is the default value defined in the API reference for each QoS property. E.g., the default for Reliability can be found here.

Hope that helps,