Does Micro-DDS 2.4.14 support multi domains

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Does Micro-DDS 2.4.14 support multi domains


We want to enable multi domains for different Qos, but when I call the function DDS_DomainParticipantFactory_create_participant couldn't return right value when I call it twice. 

Does anyone know if the MicroDDS 2.4.14 support multi domain? If yes, is there an example to demostrate the multi doamin, or how to create multi domains?

Thanks a lot!
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DDS_ReturnCode_t DDS_DomainParticipantFactory_get_qos     (     DDS_DomainParticipantFactory *      self,
        struct DDS_DomainParticipantFactoryQos *      qos     )    ;


qos.resource_limits.max_participants = 2; //Default is 1.


DDS_ReturnCode_t DDS_DomainParticipantFactory_set_qos     (     DDS_DomainParticipantFactory *      self,
        const struct DDS_DomainParticipantFactoryQos *      qos   )    ;


should fix it.