Does RTI DDS support bluetooth?

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Does RTI DDS support bluetooth?

I'd like to use RTI DDS in my video streaming project, is it possible?

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    RTI DDS provides a "Pluggable Transport Framework" that enables the plugin of transports to the infrastructure.  We have transports built for UDP/IP, TCP/IP, Shared memory and others.  At this time, there is not a transport for native Bluetooth, however, one could be created within this framework.  If there were an IP interface in front of the BlueTooth interface, then this would certainly be a possibility.  We have run over Infiniband where there has been an IP interface in front of that transport.


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Note that if there is an IP layer over bluetooth as the one described here then there is no need to build a special trasnsport for RTI DDS. You could use the built-in transport as DDS will just see a normal IP interface.

If you are trying to communicat over bluetooth directlly without an IP layer, then you need to build a custom transport as Bert mentioned. This example on how to create a custom RTI DDS transport is a good place to get started.


 is an IP/sockets interface to the bluetooh