Dynamic Discovery and RTI Web Integration Service >= 5.3.0

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Dynamic Discovery and RTI Web Integration Service >= 5.3.0

I've looked through the documentation for RTI Web Integration Service 5.3.0 and am trying to setup Dynamic Discovery from a web client. I understand that, by design, the RTI Web Integration Service requires that any XML types must be defined in XML: "Web Integration Service uses the Dynamic Data API, so the data type must be defined in the XML configuration for its later dynamic instantiation". Using the REST API, a more flexible setup can be achieved by POST requests with XML. Using a POST request on /types, I can add new types without manually editing the XML provided to the Web Integration Service at startup. However, this setup also requires that the entity making these requests can access or generate XML definitions for these types. In the desired setup, I can reference existing DDS type definitions known to the DDS databus.

I know that there is existing documentation describing how discovery of types works (DCPSPublication), but am trying to determine how reasonable it would be to enable this dynamic discovery behavior with the Web Integration Service. 

One idea I had for achieving this was to create another application which performs this discovery using the Connext API (like this MonitorData example). Providing I can generate the XML associated with any discovered types, I can issue a POST request to the Web Integration Service to add a new type definition.

Any inputs or suggestions?