Estimate size of max_objects_per_thread

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Estimate size of max_objects_per_thread

I just went through an exercise where I needed to increase the size of max_objects_per_thread.  I am thinking I may have to increase it again.  I have read where the size of max_objects_per_thread is dependent on the number of topics created and the number of participants created.


max_objects_per_thread was defaullted to 1024 and I increased it to 2048.  I now need to add some more topics, and maybe a few more participants.  I may have to change the value of max_objects_per_thread again.


Is there a way (rule-of-thumb) to estimate the size of max_objects_per_thread?  Is it (10 times the number of topics) + (100 times the number of participants)? 



Herb Miller