feauture & design question - thousands of variables

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feauture & design question - thousands of variables

Hi @all,


i am new to this forum and I am looking for a solution related to a planned project.

I have up to 100 applications, each provides a certain set of variables up 1000 per app.

On the other side I will have up to 3 or 4 displays using the certain variables depending on the active display-page.

In order not to publish each var every change-cycle I thought about actiavting and deactivating the published vars.

So the first idea was to create one topic for each var and use the DataWriter-listen status changed "publication_matched" to detect whether the var has an appropriate DataReader on a Display, so the var have to be published, if not then the var is not needed to be published.

But this idea failed due to too much memory needed, too much threads created and the creation of the topics lasts much too long.

Is anybody here having an idea how to solve such a problem?