Field Value in a Topic is an XML Type

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Field Value in a Topic is an XML Type

Can the value of a field that is contained within a topic be of a type that is found within an XML file?

So, I am looking at a topic that I am subscribed to in the RTI Admin Console. In order to subscribe to this topic I had to specify an XML file that contined the type of that topic. Within the topic I want to look at the values of its various fields, but I realised that one of its fields has a type that is found within the XML file that I mentioned. Could this be a problem in viewing when it comes to the RTI Admin Console viewing that information?

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Hello, I'm having a little trouble understanding the issue you're facing so I'll give you a general overview of how the data visualization feature works in Admin Console. Please let me know if this answers your question or not and we can follow up from there.

DDS Topics are associated with a data type which can be sent through Discovery along with the description of the Topic itself (such as the name, whether it's a reader or writer, the QoS, etc.). Admin Console listens to the Discovery information and is able to subscribe to the Topic data by having its data type. Sometimes this data type is not present in the Discovery information. For these situations, Admin Console provides the mechanism to load the data type information from one, or more, XML files. These files are generated from rtiddsgen and reflect the type information the Admin Console needs in order to subscribe and show the data from a Topic.

Once you subscribe to a Topic you can see the data associated with each field in the Sample Inspector, Instance Table, Sample Log, or Time Chart. For XML (string) data, the Time Chart won't be of much use since it plots numeric values over time. But the other three views can show you the data contained in your fields.

If this doesn't help, then please explain the steps you're taking and any error messages you're seeing.