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Getting started/ free version
Hello everyone,
I m a student and i m starting a project that may use something related to DDS.
I am getting started with DDS and as i saw in OMG web site, RTI are one of the vendors. 
Anyway, i don't know anything about this topic (DDS) yet, and i dont want to spend money by now. So i was looking for a free version to getting started and to learn something more about this.
IIn future, if this solution fits my project then i maybe get the full version. Well, i have been looking inside the community forum for the free version of but i found none.
I found the comparation ( but cant find the download of the "Open Community Source". Or maybe i am looking in the wrong place or doing something wrong.
I have in the meantime download the professional version with the 30 days trial. But i think that the community version would be enough for me.
Thanks for your time,
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For a student project, you can email our University Program at and request a free-of-charge license to the full Professional product.