Host with double NIC to run DDS publisher

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Host with double NIC to run DDS publisher

If a host with double NIC and both NIC configured to different subnet,Which nic would be chosen to publish data with rti dds? Does rti dds provide the interface to choose nic?

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If you do not specify anything RTI DDS will receive on both interfaces and send each packet over the interface that the operating system selects for each destination IP address.

You can change this behavior by telling RTI Connext DDS which interfaces to use and not to use. See: or this one which essentially says the same


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Hi Gerardo,

I read your link but I don't know where to put the XML code of the method 1. In a separate or in an existing XML file? In which directory to put it?

PS : I am running the Shapes Demo with RTI Connext 5.1.0 on two machines and the one is connected to another networks that I would not use. 

Thank you in advance for your help.