How to apply TopicQoS in C++11

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How to apply TopicQoS in C++11

Dear Community,

I have TopicQoS constructed as the following:

    dds::topic::qos::TopicQos transient_local_reliable(
        << dds::core::policy::History::KeepLast(1)
        << dds::core::policy::Durability::TransientLocal()
        << dds::core::policy::Reliability::Reliable();

Now I need to appy transient_local_reliable.

I've tried

    writer << transient_local_reliable


    mytopic << transient_local_reliable;

Both fails to find right candidate among operator<<.

When I just assign

    writer = transient_local_reliable;

I am getting error

~/rti_connext_dds-5.3.1/include/ndds/hpp/dds/core/refmacros.hpp:127:30: error: no type named ‘DELEGATE_T’ in ‘class dds::core::TEntityQos<rti::topic::qos::TopicQosImpl>’

Documantation on QoS elaborates only on reader/writer QoS: