How to make 'Perftest' working?

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How to make 'Perftest' working?


I downloaded 'perftest' from RTI site.

But it doesn't work.

I've done all instructions like registrating environment path, additional header file and libraries.

And I built codes with release mode. 

'exe' file was made, but not working with command window.


-> It said 'there are no files such as nddsc.dll, nddscore.dll and nddscpp.dll


My system environment is as follows.

- Windows 10 x64

- RTI Connext DDS : I86W32VS2013

- VS 2013


Thanks for your response




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Could I ask one more question?

I copied all dll files (in rticonnext_dds directory -> lib/i86Win32VS2013) into release directory(perftest directory),

Then I re-built codes and executed, but it didn't work.

And printed wrong messages like this.




How can I solve this problem?


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Hello Wonjoon,

This error happens because the rtiperftest program is not able to find the  perftest.xml file.

The perftest.xml file is at the root directory, directly under the directory  rtiperftest.5.2.0 that was created when you unzipped the package. You need run the rtiperftest_cpp.exe from this directory, for example executing the command:


The way you solved the first problem of not finding the libraries:   nddsc.dll, nddscore.dll and nddscpp.dll  is OK. Now that they are in the same directory as the rtiperftest_cpp.exe executable the system should be able to find them.  Another way to solve this problem that does not require copying the libraries would be to modify the PATH environment library and add the directory that has the nddsc.dll, nddscore.dll and nddscpp.dll libraries to your PATH. This process is described in the Connext DDS 5.2.0 Platform Notes for Windows.



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I download RTI Perftest  RTI Connext DDS 1.1 and try to run it in VS 2015. I have received the error message "Error MSB6006 "cmd.exe" exited with code 3".

Please tell me, how can I fix it?

Thank you very much.