IDL Names

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IDL Names

I am having difficulty matching types between a publisher and subscriber

For example, If I name a cluster for a subscriber in Labview  "umfnumType::S63d_binData", the IDL creates the following type name

" umfnumType::S63d_binDataType umfnumType::S63d_binData

The publisher, which is not in Labview  creates the type name "umfnumType::S63d_binDataType binData" in the IDL

Is there a way to avoid the creation of the duplicate text in the IDL?

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Hi Bruce,

Unfortunately that's not possible. The problem is that LabVIEW just allows to set a name for a cluster. However, an IDL requires to use two different names: the Type Name and the variable name. So we use the cluster name as the variable name and the "<cluster_name>+Type" as the type name. 

You can ignore the TypeCode and the names can be different between the C++ and LabVIEW types. However, you have to make sure that the type is the same in both places or the received data will be wrong. Also, if you are ignoring the TypeCode, our tools are not going to work with that application.