Java EE and RTI DDS

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Java EE and RTI DDS

Hi all,


In this PDF ( published by RTI it states on page 40:

"However, DDS can also be used in enterprise environments; a message-driven bean using DDS can potentially simplify Java EE integration."


Can someone explain how DDS would fit into the Java EE architecture? And how it would interact with the message driven bean? Normally the business tier of Java EE restrictes threading, so can DDS (Pub or sub) run in the business tier? Otherwise, i beileve it would have to run in a JCA resource adapter that allows threading.





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Hi Corey,

I believe that the intention of the quote is that JMS-over-DDS can be used as a messaging integration layer where the business logic would still be hosted in the EE container in message-driven beans. Of course, threading and other considerations will still be dealt with through the container. DDS implementations are certainly multi-threaded but JMS interfaces should respect those environments and can be the integration mechanism.