Java EE and RTI DDS

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In this PDF ( published by RTI it states on page 40:

"However, DDS can also be used in enterprise environments; a message-driven bean using DDS can potentially simplify Java EE integration."


Making DDS more generic

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I'm looking for a way to make my DDS implementation more generic. I know this will be tough because the IDL generates very specific classes per topic. So i guess the idea would be to have a generic publisher, and a generic subscriber. This way i could just pass in an instance of the Topic and it's reader/writer, and then just publish/subscribe to Topics. Does anyone have any design patterns for this, or suggestions for breaking up the functionality?



Adaptive Architectures for Future Highly Dependable, Real-Time Systems

Many present-day safety-critical or mission-critical military applications are deployed using intrinsically static architectures. Often these applications are real-time systems, where late responses may cause potentially catastrophic results. Static architectures allow system developers to certify with a high degree of confidence that their systems will provide correct functionality during operation, but a more adaptive approach could provide some clear benefits.

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