RTI RPC over DDS features in LabVIEW

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RTI RPC over DDS features in LabVIEW

We have an SOA toolchain developed in C++ based on DDS, and we are looking to migrate it into LabVIEW. This SOA implementation utilizes an RPC mechanism. Therefore, we need RPC over DDS features in the LabVIEW toolkit. Is it possible to achieve this? Thank you!

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Hi Yotan,

RTI DDS Toolkit doesn't have have native support for RPC. You have to emulate using the following approach:

- Create a DataType for sending remote procedure parameters.

- Create a DataType for sending the preocedure results.

Client side:

  • Send the procedure parameters with the write operation.
  • Do a blocking read operation of the results parameters. It will be blocked until receives the results or timeout.

Server side:

  • Keep waiting for requests doing blocking read of the procedure parameters.
  • Once received execute the requested operation (requested operation must exists in the server code) and send back the results doing a write operation of the procedure results.