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License Issue


I have a license problem in a Windows7 machine with Visual Studio 2010. I'm using a license which is valid up to 19th of June. RTI Launcher software seems to run properly and I can also run the shapes demo as well as pre-built examples from Case + Code. However, when I get the source files from Github, build them by myself and eventually run any of the generated .exe, I get the following output:


RTI Data Distribution Service No source for License information
Please contact with any questions or comments.
DDSDomainParticipant_impl::create_disabledI:!create participant
DDSDomainParticipant_impl::createI:!create participant
DomainParticipantFactory_impl::create_participant():!create failure creating participant


What's the problem? What am I doing wrong?



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Hi Antonio,

Where is your license file located? In the GettingStarted guide (under %NDDSHOME%\doc\pd\RTI_CoreLibrariesAndUtilities_GettingStarted.pdf) you will see several default locations for your license (see chapter 2.2). Is it located in one of those locations?

Here you have a snippet but I recommend you to read the whole section in the GettingStarted guide:

Each time your Connext application starts, it will look for the license file in the following locations until it finds a valid license:
1. In your application’s current working directory, in a file called rti_license.dat.
2. In the location specified in the environment variable RTI_LICENSE_FILE, which you may set to point to the full path of the license file, including the filename (for example, C:\RTI\my_license_file.dat).
3. In the Connext installation, in the file $NDDSHOME/rti_license.dat. (See Section for details on NDDSHOME.)

Try those locations and let me know if that works for you.



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Thanks Sara,

Oh... yes! As the RTI Launcher was working properly I didn't think of the paths. But yes, my license was misplaced. Now it seems to run properly.

Thanks again :)