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login credentials

I just got an eval copy of RTI Connext, downloaded and installed it.  I then opened the application and when I try to select "Download RTI packages", it takes me to a login screen. I don't know the login credentials, and when I try to have it email me my username (using the email address I used to get the eval license), I never get the email. How do I create the account that is needed to download the RTI packages?

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The evaluation download has everything that you need to evaluate the core functionality of Connext DDS on Windows or Linux or MacOS.

Additional packages for specialized functionality are generally not provided for public evaluations.  To get access, you have to be in contact with an RTI account team who would provide access.

If you are looking to use RTI products in an university project, then you can join our University Program that provides no-cost licenses to use our products beyond the evaluation package, https://www.rti.com/free-trial/university-program.