Losing first x messages

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Losing first x messages


have have 2 application (thar run on the same computer) app1 that create a writter and app2 the create reader.

the problem is that then i starting the apps its take sometimes 50 message(rate of 1 hz between messages) until app2 starting to receive the messages(i am losing first 50 messages). from this point everything is ok.

the strange thing is that if i open the "RTI DDS Spy" i am getting the messages immediately.

I attached the QoS Profile

the configuration for the topic called :BaseXXParticipant

the configuration for the writter called profile_VideoFrame_XX

he configuration for the writter called profile_VideoFrame_XXViewer

Any ideas?





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Hey Eren,


First off, let me verify:

1. You are sending one message every second


2. Without using spy in the background it takes 50 seconds until the reader starts receiving messages (and it loses the first 50)


If the above is correct I have not much to offer with the given information.

A PCap may help (and a better explanation of your setup).


At any rate I think you are using very intense discovery settings (20 participant discovery messages, much shorter assertion periods, tougher lease constraints, and very intense heartbeat rates.

Are these truly necessary?


Good luck,