Modern C++ Data Samples

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Modern C++ Data Samples


I am using Modern C++ version of DDS 5.3.1

In my DataReaderListener''s on_data_available() callback function, the data samples is in the DDS Thread.

dds::sub::LoanedSamples<My_Cmd> samples =;

i want to do a PostMessage to the Main Thread. Is it ok to to do the following

My_Cmd MySample = samples[0];

PostMessage(_myHWND, WM_DATA, (WPARAM)(&MySample),0);

As far as i know its not recommended to use pointers in the Modern C++ API does it apply to Data samples?





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Hi Calvin,

If you want to get the data in your main thread, have you considered using waitsets? In many cases, waitset is a better option than callbacks.

You can find a example here, and there are some snippets and info in the manuals.

Let me know if that's closer to what you need or if you still prefer the PostMessage option.