NDDS_Transport_Property_t problem

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NDDS_Transport_Property_t problem


     I am wondering whether I can change the property of udpv4, i called the function "NDDS_Transport_Support_set_builtin_transport_property" after participant was created. but it shows that "Error: participant has been enabled". what should i do?

     I use RTIDDS version 5.2.0. thanks for your reply.

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You can definetely change UDPv4 properties, but you should always do it the transport is registered. The error you are seeing is telling you that the participant has already been enabled, so you cannot longer change the transport properties. 

The way to do it, is to create the participant disabled (by setting autoenable_created_entities to false in the participantFactoryQos), then call  NDDS_Transport_Support_set_builtin_transport_property and finally enable the participant.