NDDS_Transport_UDP_send error

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NDDS_Transport_UDP_send error


Although my application seems to be working for a while, I am constantly receiving these messages:

  • Mx08:NDDS_Transport_UDP_sendToMultipleSockets:OS sendmsg() failure, error 0X65: Network is unreachable
  • Mx08:NDDS_Transport_UDP_send:send message size count

After some time, my application crashes with no errors. ¿Can this be the cause? ¿Does anyone have seen these messages before? ¿Do you know what could cause them? When I dont receive these messages the application works without problems.

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Since your company recently purchased a support contract with RTI, your question is probably best answered through your RTI Customer Support portal.  Please post there and our support team will answer you right away.

But "Network is unreachable" is usually because Connext DDS tried to send data to an IP address that the network is unable to send data....either the network route is broken, the host is no longer alive/response, or possibly the destination application is no longer running.

But this should not cause a crash of your application...that's likely due to something else.  For application crashes, I'd advise using a debugger and looking at the stacktrace of the thread that is causing the crash.