new to DDS - message over plain UDP socket

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new to DDS - message over plain UDP socket

I'm totally new to DDS and have what may appear to be a strange question.  Lets say you have an instance of a DDS message type containing a sequence.  This instance has some number of elements that have been added to the sequence.  Is it possible to send the contents of this message over a plain old UDP socket, just by passing a pointer to the message to the sockets API?  And then on the receiving end copy the bytes into another instance of that DDS message?

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No. By doing that you only send the Seq struct. Not the data aimed by the pointers in the struct. Apart from that, this is not the way to use DDS. You can't get any advantage of DDS using plain UDP sockets.

DDS abstracts you of direct network usage and provides a lot of functionalities such as reliable communication, autodiscovery, Databus and a long list. I recommend you to have a look to the Getting Started Document, or the video resources in Youtube to have a better idea what DDS can do.