Octets in RTI DDS 7.0.0 for Python

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Octets in RTI DDS 7.0.0 for Python


I'm trying to port my applications over to the new Python API that runs on RTI DDS 7.0.0.

I have other applications running RTI for Java and the messages are using Bytes but are translated to Octets.

The Octets I have replicated and the built-in one has different TypeObject. 


I have tried using the built-in Bytes message type but it seems to be incompatible with Octets.

I've also tried defining the Octets in the XML and using it but DynamicData doesn't work as expected.

I've tried to make my own Octets using the definition of Bytes but with a different name but the hash for the message type is different 


Is there a Octets library for Python that I could use?

Is there a way to configure sequence max length of the Octets message in Python code? My Java application uses a custom MaxSequenceLength.


Thanks in advance!

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Can you explain a bit more what is not working when you use the Bytes built-in type or your own IDL definition? If you can, please provide some code showing the problem.