Paths location in deny_topic_name_filter

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Paths location in deny_topic_name_filter

In the default RTI_ROUTING_SERVICE.xml

under the DefaultSession->auto_topic_route->output

It says <deny_topic_name_filter>rti/routing_service/*,/rti/distlog/*</deny_topc_name_filter>

Where are the (paths?) that it is getting the topics from? What routing service topics are  being denied?


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Those are topics internal to the routing service, and the distributed logger.  They only look like directory paths, in reality the default naming convention used by RTI for its tools' topics is superficially similar to the directory pathing structure, and relies on regex to decide what topics it should be passing along, and which not.

The rti/routing_service/* topics are used for administration via remote Connext application, see Section 5.3 of the User's Guide (page 65), and for monitoring its behavior, see that doc's Chapter 6 (page 69).

The rti/dist_log/* topics are similar, admin and monitoring topics.  See the Distributed Logger Getting Started Guide, Section 3.5 (page 9/10).