Persistence Service loading NDDS_QOS_PROFILES

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Persistence Service loading NDDS_QOS_PROFILES


I'm having a bit of a problem with the persistence configuration, in that it doesn't find the profile specified in a property (on version 5.0.0)

I'm running the persistence service with the default persistence configuration and NDDS_QOS_PROFILES is set to an examle QoS ($NDDSHOME/resource/qos_profiles_5.0.0/xml/NDDS_QOS_PROFILES.example.xml)

The command is:

"$(NDDSHOME)/scripts/rtipersistenceservice.bat" -pauseAtEnd -cfgName defaultDisk

The only thing I've changed is adding the following in the default persistence qos:























I get an error "profile NddsQosProfilesLibrary::DefaultProfile not found"

I tried the same thing on 4.5f and everything seemed to work. Were there any changes to that functionality on 5.0.0?



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Hi Michael,

Thank you for submitting your question on our community portal. Since you also submitted your question to our support team and it was answered through that channel, I wanted to follow up here.

The issue you encountered will be fixed in our next release.