playing back recordings in 5.2.0 made with 5.0.0

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playing back recordings in 5.2.0 made with 5.0.0

I have a couple of recording files that I made with Connext 5.0.0 and can replay then using 5.0.0 Recording Console.  When I load the files in Recording Console in 5.2.0, I can not play them. The play button is not active and no topics are visible in the "Recorded Topics" dialog.  Did the format for recordings change?  Is there a way to convert?




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Hello mmcbroom,

We broke backward compatibility between the database format in 5.1.0.

I do not believe there is a direct conversion, but an option you have for converting the database is to replay the database in 5.0.0, and re-record it in the newer version of Recording Service. 

Thank you!