printing topic values using rtiddsspy

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printing topic values using rtiddsspy

Is it possible to get in the console values from a specific topic using rtiddsspy tool ( 

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Hi Emilio,

Yes, you can use rtiddsspy to see data from a single topic.  To see all the command line options, use "rtiddsspy -help".  Some of the most useful switches:

-printSample: Shows the values of the fields in each sample (up to a certain point, rtiddsspy can't show deeply nested or complex topics)

-topicRegex <regex> : Allows you to view a single topic or a group of topics.  For instance, "-topicRegex MySpecificTopic" will show just that topic, while "-topicRegex My*" will show all topics starting with "My"

-typeRegex <regex> : Just like topicRegex, but filters on specific data types

-timeFilter <seconds> : Applies a time based filter to the topic.  Useful with -printSample if the data is coming in too fast.