Problem with message with larger typeCode/typeObject size

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Problem with message with larger typeCode/typeObject size


Windows 10 RTI connext 5.3.0. JAVA

Using the examples files(publisher/subscriber) created using rtiddsgen, I am facing some weird issues where the subscriber will not receive any data if the publisher is started later than the subscriber. 

If I start the publisher first then the subscriber app, the subscriber will recieve the data normally. But it doesn't work the other way.

The subscriber will also stop recieving data if I restart the publisher.

I tried with 2 different messages with different typeObject/typeCode size using the same QOS and same setup. The message with 544 TypeObject Size works perfectly fine. However, I am facing the issues with the message with larger TypeObject Size at 2456. 

I tried playing with the QOS but it doesn't seems to have any effects. I checked the admin console there isn't any conflict.

Please advice. Thank you.