Problem with optional parameter in sequence

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Problem with optional parameter in sequence


it looks like the rti tools have some problems with optional parameters in sequences. With this idl, rtiadminconsole and rtiroutingservice are not able to subscribe to the topic:

struct substruct


long substructId; //@Optional


struct ordered {

long id; //@key

sequence <substruct,10> substructSequence;


rtiadminconsole gives me this warning:

- RTICdrTypeObjectMember_equals:members are not equal: members have different flags: substructId (ID=0)

- RTICdrTypeObjectTypeLibraryElement_equals:types are not equal: substruct, substruct

- RTICdrTypeObjectMember_isStronglyAssignable:members are not assignable: member types are not strongly assignable: substructSequence (ID=1)

- RTICdrTypeObjectStructureType_is_assignable:types are not assignable: structures are not assignable: ordered, ordered

As soon as I remove the @optional, all is working fine...

 I'm using rti connext




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Hi Christian,

I think Support already followed up with you. But I'll answer you for the record.
You run into a known issue. It will be fixed in the next major release (5.3), scheduled for end of Q2.
In the meanwhile, you can workaround this by not sending the TypeCode/TypeObject with the following QoS in the Participant: