Prototyper doesn't recognize anonymous_blob_type

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Prototyper doesn't recognize anonymous_blob_type

I'm trying to use the OMG's OARIS interface specification. I keep getting errors on the type "anonymous_blob_type", which is a sequence of type "byte".

The attached files define the message "example_type" that uses types from Common_Types.xml. When I try to execute rtiddsprototyper to publish/subscribe the example_type message, I get an error saying "DDS_XMLTypeCode_reportNotFoundTypeSymbol:Parse error at line 8: type 'org::omg::c4i::Domain_Model::Common_Types::anonymous_blob_type' not found". However, if I change anonymous_blob_type to another name, like generic_blob_type, then it works and I can publish and subscribe.

Does anyone know why I cannot use the name 'anonymous_blob_type'? There's no duplicate definition of anonymous_blob_type in another file. I'd love to use a different name, but this type name comes from an OMG standard. I don't want to rename types in a standard.

    <module name="Example_Types">  <struct name="example_type"><member name="blob" type="nonBasic" nonBasicTypeName="org::omg::c4i::Domain_Model::Common_Types::anonymous_blob_type" /><member name="subsystem_id" type="nonBasic" nonBasicTypeName="org::omg::c4i::Domain_Model::Common_Types::subsystem_id_type" />  </struct>    </module>  </module></module></types>

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Well, I was able to reproduce your problem (and workaround).  It seems like there may be a bug in the XML parsing that's not able to parse a name beginning with "anonymous", e.g., "anonymous_<xxx>", correctly.  I've entered a bug in our bug system for our developers to investigate.  In the meantime, you will need to use a workaround.

You can use


note cap A...and that should work.

By the way, I believe that you're working on a project that has purchased technical support from RTI.  The best way to get your questions addressed quickly is by submitting your questions via the supported developers on your project.

The forum depends on community members (like yourself) to help answer each other's questions. RTI employees also are part of the community and if we see a question that we can quickly answer, we try to do so.  But there are some questions that we really aren't able to do so without significant work...and those are better addressed by our professional support team.