Python API: Change QoS during lifetime

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Python API: Change QoS during lifetime


Does anybody know if it is possible to change QoS settings with the RTI Python API during lifetime?
If yes how can I access the QoS settings and change them? Are there any methods to do this?

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Marc,


A subset of quality of service cn be changed after a DDS entity has been enabled. For example, you can modify policies like Partition on Publishers/Subscribers or Ownership Strength on DataWriters. The experimental Python API provides the capability to change these settings, however Connector for Python does not currently offer a mechanism for making those changes.

The QoS property on DDS entity objects has copy semantics. This means you need to assign it to a variable, make your changes, and assign it back to the qos property on the entity. For example, to change the partition on a subscriber named sub:

qos = sub.qos
# put sub on partitions a, b, and c = ['a', 'b', 'c']
sub.qos = qos

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As MarcC mentioned some QoS is changable at runtime. For a list of when different QoS settings can be changed see the QoS Reference Guide:

Specifically the "Chg" column. There is a key for the different designations in that column at the bottom of the table.