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I am building an application on a Windows computer and statically linking to the x64QNX7.0.0qcc_gpp5.4.0 static libraries (libnddscz.a, libnddscorez.a, libnddscppz.a)  and then deploying the application to a target computer running QNX.  My application runs fine with Built-in QoS, but is not able to locate QoS in USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml.  The xml file is in the same working directory location as the binary on the QNX system.  I have confirmed that the QoS in USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml is properly recognized by building and running the same application on my Windows system.  I am using RTI DDS 6.0.1.  


Are there other env vars I need to set on QNX or other static libraries that I need to link with in order to read QoS from USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml?




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Hmm, sorry to have just seen this posting.  But hopefully, you've figure this out.  If not, I would introduce a syntax error into the USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml file, like an unclosed tag, and then see if when starting your app, you get error messages printed out about the syntax error...just to make sure if your application is or isn't loading that file.

Assuming that it isn't, you may want to check if the current working directory is a directory in which the XML is stored.  Connext DDS checks the current working directory, which is not necessarily the same directory that has the application binary.

You can also use the environment variable NDDS_QOS_PROFILES to specify which file to load, e.g.