Qos data transfer size? & subscriptions?

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Qos data transfer size? & subscriptions?

1.Can't transmit a waveform ( 1k ,4 float  data)?

2.How to check existing subscriptions?

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Hi mhunter

Regarding your questions:

1) LabVIEW waveforms are not supported. You can create a custom data type (.ctl file) that mimics a waveform using the supported native types instead. You can check those types at "Appendix C Supported Data Types and Corresponding IDL" in the Getting Started Guide (help->RTI DDS Toolkit->Open Getting Started Guide). Once you have your cluster, then you have to generate the VIs for sending/receiving your data with the Complex Type Generator tool (tools->RTI DDS Toolkit->Complex Type Generator). Check the Getting Started Guide for more information about using Complex Type Generator.

2) You mean getting the number of active subscriptions and the IP or some kind of identifier for each publisher? That functionality is not supported. But you can add an ID (name, IP or whatever works for identifying) field to your custom data type, filling it in the publisher side and keeping track of them on the subscriber side.

Another option, if you don't need to track the subscriptions in your program but you want to see them for developing purposes is using the RTI Administration Console application. With it, you can see publishers, subscribers, matching entities, QoS, and a lot more information in real-time.