QoS Profile Inheriting from Multiple Profiles

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QoS Profile Inheriting from Multiple Profiles


I'm trying to get a better understanding of QoS profiles, specifically inheritance.  My scenario is the following:

I have several profiles (some dealing with participants, others with data readers/writers) I want to be able to select at runtime based on user specified arguments.

Durable -> Set up transient local durability

WAN -> Use WAN plugins

TCP -> Use TCP plugins

Secure -> Send using DTLS

Reliable -> Basically the built in profile for strict reliable

I would like to make profiles for all possible combinations of these base profiles with as little copying and pasting as possible.  I know it is possible to inherit profiles using 'base_name' but my understanding is that it can only be one profile.  Is it possible to inherit multiple profiles or to easily apply multiple profiles without copying and pasting the settings to each profile?

I will happily try to clarify if this doesn't make sense.



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Hi Chris,

That currently isn't implemented.  The XML parser and associated logic don't work that way.  

Implementing a QoS librarian would be something for the application/system space.



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Hi Chris,

What you are suggesting (combining multiple profiles via inheritance) does make a lot of sense. It is actually something we are actively considering implementing but doing it is trickier than it may appear at first...

For example

  • Each QosProfile defines the QoS values for all the policies and when inheriting from multiple we obviously do not want to wipe out the QoS settings that are defined in one profile with the ones of another (later one) unless they have been "explictly" defined in that first profile... 
  • The "granularity" of the overrides would also need to be considered. One line of thinking would be set that at the QoS profile level, so that if a Policy is defined (even if only some attributes in it are defined) it overrides the whole policy. This makes some sense because the differnt attributes must be set consistently. Alternatively it could be at the attribute level...

Bottom line is that we would like to offer something like this but haven't figured out how to best do it yet... Your opinion would be most welcome...